21st February, 2016

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We are leaving Eagle tomorrow and are going to sledge the 100 miles to Dawson. As mentioned in my last blog we will have to leave the river at 40 Mile village.  We will then run through the night from 40 Mile straight through to Dawson in one go and head up hill, 68 miles up over a summit of 3600 ft. as part of the river is impassable. We will rest the dogs for about 4/5 hours mid way then sledge on to Dawson arriving on the morning of 24th February.
From Dawson Brian Wilmshurst will truck us, the dogs, sledges and kit to Inuvik so that we can fly to Herschel Island and start the 700 mile replication of Amundsen’s journey.

We are getting reports that most of the rivers we are going to be travelling on have bad jumble ice. The Yukon from Fort Yukon to Circle is currently dangerous, hopefully it will improve for when we get there towards the end of March.

Inspite of all this…  TO QUOTE AMUNDSEN

I looked forward to the expedition with confidence. We are well equipped, and have good reliable comrades, and smart dogs. “


I have the same sentiments as Amundsen about our team and dogs. I was looking at my early notes, it was over fives years ago that the thinking about the expedition started.

An expedition of this sort is complex and difficult to organise, without the enthusiam, encouragment and help from family, friends and the many wonderful people I have met along the way this project would not have got off the ground.


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  1. ROS NOEL-Hill
    Sending you one great big hug to keep you warm throughout your brave journey; I will be tracking and thinking of you constantly! All love Ros
  2. The very best of fortunes to you and the team, Tim. We'll track your progress and be thinking of you.
  3. penny & David Hill
    May the ice be firm beneath you feet. Thinking of you and will follow your progress with much intrest, love Penny and David
  4. Ken Knight
    Good luck to Wayne and the crew. We will be watching daily.
  5. Lucy
    Tim, we will be thinking of you and hoping all goes to plan - what an adventure - take care, lots of love Lucy and Keithx
  6. Susan Bennett
    Blessings along your journey Tim. Love, Bennie
  7. Good luck to all of you - I will be following your progress with great interest.
  8. Selina Boyd
    Good luck Tim and team, looking forward to hearing all about it once you are safely home and thinking of you in that freezing cold whilst we idly sit in steamy Singapore! Selina & Boydy xx
  9. Robert & Selina Boyd
    Tim - all the best for you and your team. What a magnificent undertaking. We will following you online from the safety of Singapore where life is not quite as cold and dangerous. With much love, Robert, Selina and the kids
  10. Kate and Richard
    Having seen the ice on the river when we were staying at Last Chance Creek a couple of weeks ago our thoughts are REALLY with you all! Hope you have a safe and speedy run to Dawson.
  11. Rosie & Andy Holmes
    We are following you with huge admiration and interest, please keep safe Tim and you all. Lol from all the Holmes X
  12. Peter Werb
    Safe journey Wayne I look forward to you telling me about it next year
  13. Dries Smith
    Hey Wayne and rest of the team - will be tracking this, although would have preferred to be there. Enjoy the travels and keep strong and safe
  14. Iseult & Alice Pilkington
    Best of luck- Alice and myself will be tracking your footsteps.