31st March, 2016

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Thursday 31st March


Now that Tim and the IAF team have finished the expedition and the dogs are back home resting, there has been a lot of interest from the press.

Tune in to hear him being interviewed live from Fairbanks, Alaska:

– BBC World Service Newshour TONIGHT starting anytime after 9.06pm


– The Today Show on BBC Radio 4 TOMORROW morning (Friday) 6.50am


A BBC News article is being prepared and he also has an article in the Alaskan press:


Thank you for all the kind messages you have posted in the comments section of the blog, its a great feeling to know that you have all shown such interest in the expedition.

N.B The above times are at the mercy of scheduling changes but this is the info we have currently

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  1. caroline and robert
    Many Congratulations, Tim and all the team on completing your amazing journey. We have loved following your epic adventure and seeing the beautiful photographs. Pleased to hear that you are all well including the dogs.
  2. John Cairns
    Well done Tim and team. A huge achievement. Have enjoyed reading the blog while sitting close to a warm fire. The photos were extraordinary. Look forward to hearing more in person. Definitely keep the beard! John
  3. Kevin Lear
    Congratulations Tim and your fellow fur trappers! At times on the blog, it was like a mixture of the Revenant and Indiana Jones! with all the hazardous conditions you had to get through. But well done it's a great achievement. Catch up with you when you're back. Kevin and Jan
  4. Paul M
    Congratulations on your achievement, throughout the intervening years and all the technology at our fingertips today it's refreshing to see the dogs still doing what they do with the same enthusiasm
  5. Caroline Peppercorn
    Dear Tim, Amazing & extraordinary what you have done, all of you... Am in awe. How you managed those temperature...?! Being a chiropodist I'm fascinated by feet! Especially yours Tim ;) Would you mind taking a picture (just on your phone), top & soles of each... Just for my eyes only promise. Great to catch both your interviews on WS & R4. Take care & rest up.