4th September 2015

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4th September 2015 - Recce Trip to Inuvik


Back in March I flew from Heathrow, London and five flights later landed in Inuvik in Canada’s Northern Territories. I was going to meet with various organisations so that they could put a face to the permissions we need to sledge through the Yukon Territory. I met with Mervyn Joe from parks Canada, who shared with me his invaluable winter experience of the Firth River. His Grandfather Joe Inglangsuk had prospected on Joe Creek which was named after him. Unfortunately Renee Wissink at Parks Canada, who has been steering me through my permissions, was out in the field.

I then met Richard Gordon the Head Ranger for Herschel Island about our permission to land there. Richard gave me good advice about landing on the sea ice, staying on the island and routes across it.

I also met Darrell Christie at the Environmental Impact Screening Committee to talk over my permission. Darrell has also been a great help over the last year with understanding the permission process.

When I flew into Inuvik I was met by Dan Heilbrunn and his family. Dan is a dog-sled racer and 7th grade teacher from East 3 School in Inuvik, an area which has a very high Inuit population. Dan has been hugely helpful introducing me to the school and helping with all the dog food logistics as well as welcoming me into his home.

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